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June 11, 2019
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Da Vinci’s secret pales. Michelangelo concealed an explosive truth in his famous
Creation of Adam fresco in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. Eve did not cause
the fall of man. She carried a far more devastating secret for millennia—one
that will change the world forever.
the modern-day world suffers the cataclysmic effects of the “Plagues of Egypt,”
Avery Fitzgerald, a statuesque Astrophysics major at Stanford, discovers that
she is mysteriously bound to five strangers by an extremely rare condition that
foremost medical experts cannot explain. Thrust into extraordinary
circumstances, they race against time to stay alive as they are pursued by an
age-old adversary and the world around them collapses into annihilation.
sacred oath, The Guardians—a far more archaic and enigmatic secret society than
the Freemasons, Templars, and the Priory—protect Avery as she embarks on a
daring quest that only legends of old have been on before. Avery must come to
terms with the shocking realization that the blood of an ancient queen flows
through her veins and that the fate of the world now rests on her shoulders.

Excerpt #1

Remi had always dreamed that he would do meaningful work in his life. His parents repeatedly told him that he had a great destiny ahead of him and that one day he would do amazing things. Remi believed that perhaps one day he would become a senator or congressman and would change the lives of millions of people. The fact that at twenty-one, he was now in a room with the President of the United States, his chief of staff, and possibly the only congressman left alive, working on a plan to keep the United States government functional, left him with mixed feelings. It was awe inspiring on the one hand, but on the other, the circumstances around which it was happening were terrifying.

As the four men conferred around an old coffee table, which had now become the platform on which the future of the United States was being shaped, the door to the war room burst open and a Marine rushed in with terror in his eyes. He doubled over, choking, like something was stuck in his throat. Remi rushed to his aid.

“What now?” the president barked. He was frustrated and at a loss after everything that had happened over the last few hours. He had run out of patience, and his capacity for sympathy was completely eroded.

“Mr. President, you need to come up to the surface entrance. You need to do it now,” the Marine said, gasping for air.

The president knew enough about the Marines’ degree of professionalism that he did not object.

Everyone followed the Marine down the hall and hopped into the Humvee for the three-minute ride up the steeply inclined roadway to the entrance of the bunker.

“Maybe you should slow down for a minute and catch your breath.”

“I am going to be fine, Mr. President. I am able to breathe a lot better now, sir.”

“Sorry I was curt earlier. It’s been a rough few days, and my nerves are a little frayed. I should have been more compassionate.”

They stopped at the head of the roadway, which was protected by a steel gate large enough for a semi-truck. Instead of opening the gate, the Marine walked to the side and opened a smaller door that led down a short hallway and to a steep set of stairs. The group of men climbed up the stairs in silence and emerged at the top of the guard tower.

The president was the first to step out of the stairwell and into the guard tower opening. He let out a loud gasp. His chief of staff followed and let out an equally loud expletive. As Remi stepped out of the stairwell, he had instinctively braced himself for anything; yet still, what he saw shocked him to his core. 



 Excerpt #2

One of the larger pods immediately adjoining the foyer served as Florianne’s study but was also set up like a reading room in a library. Several leather club chairs were positioned in the center of the room, and the walls were lined with shelves replete with papyrus scrolls, codices, ancient manuscripts, religious texts, important documents, and books from around the world. Some of the scrolls and manuscripts were from eons gone by, but there were also copies of all the holy books from current major religions—the Bible, Torah, Talmud, Quran, the Vedas, the Upanishads, The Agamas, Kojiki, and more. This amount of ancient history and medieval texts had not been under one roof, at the same time, since the Royal Library of Alexandria in the third century BC.

The shelves also had two copies of all the important books of modern times: The Republic by Plato, The Communist Manifesto, The Prince by Machiavelli, The Wealth of Nations, The Meaning of Relativity, On the Origin of Species, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Moby Dick, Arabian Nights, Things Fall Apart, and much more.

After they had eaten to their fill, the group moved to Florianne’s library. As they settled into the comfortable leather furniture, Toni asked, “So where is our gracious host? I have been looking forward to meeting Florianne. Without everything she did, we would all be dead. Without her, all our families would be dead. I am eternally grateful to her for everything she has done for us. I want to let her know how thankful I am.”

Eli stared at the floor then looked back up to his new friends, who sat in a semi-circle, facing him. “I have a lot I need to tell you.”

Eli described his trip to get to Innsbruck and how close he was to never finding Florianne. He told them about the Vespa ride up the mountainside and his companion, Urich. He told them about finally finding Florianne’s estate and spending the last two days, as the deadly winds raged above ground, getting the full history of Florianne, her family, the Guardians, and their secret organization.

He described how intense Florianne was: her gaze never wavering from Eli’s eyes, her voice appearing to grow instantly stronger and more deliberate.

“It felt like it was more than just Florianne talking. It felt like, in her voice, hundreds of men and women from across the ages were speaking directly to me. It was the most incredible experience.”

In the soft glow of the generator-powered light bulbs that lit the bunker, as Avery, Remi and Toni looked on, Eli begun to tell the most important story they would ever hear.



the Author
Lewis has lived in multiple countries around the world and speaks several
languages. Lewis holds a graduate degree from one of the Universities featured
in his book. When he is not writing, Lewis doubles as a management consultant,
with clients in just about every continent. He does much of his writing while
on long flights and at far-flung airports around the globe. He currently
resides on the East Coast of the United States with his family.



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