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Being the good twin isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Abby Levesque knows that better than anyone. While her sister drifts through life carefree, Abby’s left to clean up her messes. The latest mess? Hudson Quinn— the hot, angry billionaire on her doorstep demanding she accompany him to Paris. He’s obviously mistaken her for her twin, Gabby, who happens to be his assistant. Too bad Gabby is nowhere to be found. If Abby wants to fix her sister’s latest blunder, she’ll have to pretend to be someone else for two weeks—preferably someone who isn’t wildly attracted to her mercurial boss…

As far as Hudson’s concerned, his sexy-but-flaky new personal assistant is just another in a long line of terrible decisions and failures in his life. But he’s working on the deal of a lifetime—a deal that could change everything for him—and he needs her help to close it. The last thing he ever expected was to connect with her on a soul-deep level.

Falling in love wasn’t part of the job, and when Hudson finds out who she really is, Abby’s terrified he’ll never forgive her. With a billion dollar deal—and both their hearts—on the line, can Abby convince Hudson she’s the right twin for him?

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“Wait!” she yelped as his words sank in. Gabrielle. The man had used her sister’s name. He must have taken Abby for her twin. “I think there’s been some kind of a mistake!”

Abby wilted as his eyes focused on her face with such laser-sharp intensity that she could practically feel them burning into her skin. “Yes, there has been a mistake,” he said, his voice thick with controlled fury. “A mistake made by you when you decided to test me with…whatever this bullshit is. Gabrielle, you’re a fun girl and it’s been a great few weeks, but I have more than just money riding on this deal. If you don’t get in that car and come with me to the airport right now, you’re fired. You can forget about the bonus. You can forget about severance pay, and you can expect a letter from my lawyer about the tab you ran up on my Amex card at Retox last Saturday night when you went out drinking with your friends. Do you understand?”

Abby took a step backward, her mind spinning. She could barely make sense of what this strange man was saying, but the parts that she could piece together were terrifying. This mysterious, handsome, furious man expected her sister to get on a plane with him tonight. If Gabrielle didn’t comply, she was fired. If she got fired, they had no money at all. If they had no money, they would lose the house. Abby absolutely refused to let that happen, she would do anything to save Grand-mère’s house. There was just one tiny problem. Gabrielle was nowhere to be found.

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39005920_1105454292965800_5922116558032732160_oProfessional by day, Avery Scott leads a secret double-life as an author of contemporary romance. When Avery isn’t staring into a glowing screen, she loves to travel, playing with her Westies, cooking and – of course- reading.

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