Cover Reveal ~ Desk Banger by K.S. Rochell

Title: Desk Banger
Author: K.S. Rochell
Genre: Contemporary Office Romance
Cover Design: Lee Ching, Undercover Designs
Release Date: May 29, 2020
What happens when your boss catches you making scans of your
butt instead of the case files he asked you for?

Any normal boss would fire you right on the spot before you
can even explain yourself.

But mine asked to see the pictures in color.

Dean Bradford is one of the best attorneys of my generation.

Somehow though, he’s more known for being New York’s hottest

Not like I have any time to drink in his features with all
the work he’s assigned me.

The man is such a mean and demanding jerk… but somehow
that only makes him more irresistible.

If things keep going this way I’m not sure if he’s either
going to fire or f*ck me.

And I definitely know which one I’d prefer.
I knocked on the
stormy glass door of Dean’s office, palms sweaty and breathing labored because
I was so nervous for my evaluation. Will it be good are bad? Will it make me
are break me? Dean doesn’t respond so I just enter without permission. Upon
entering the image that appeared in front of me froze both my eyes and my brain
for a moment. I just stared without even blinking. Dean’s huge cock was out of
his pants, fucking staring at me; he was changing his pants or something, I
could not tell exactly, but that image was imprinted in my head and I just
couldn’t shake it off me now. “Ohh my god…” I muttered, eventually an “I’m so
sorry…” made its way out of my mouth. As I struggled to find my way out of his
office; my forehead slammed against the glass door. Fuck! That will leave a
Author Bio
K.S. Rochell is a rabid reader turned blogger turned author.
This feisty Texas native loves her book boyfriends alpha and her heroines
strong. Her plan? Bring bad boys to their knees one glance at a time. 

K. S. has been married to her husband, Daniel, for two
years. Her other passion besides writing is the joy she gets from working with
special needs children, a job she has enjoyed for over sixteen years. 

K.S. appreciates the support of her loving family and devoted
friends who have been instrumental in making her lifeline dream of becoming an
author come true.
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